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Benefits of aquariums

Studies conducted in recent years have consolidated what was already obvious: a stimulating and pleasant work environment significantly improves productivity, creativity and wellbeing.

Predictably, companies have been taking steps to make the workplace more stimulating, choosing in many cases, the installation of aquariums.

A national survey conducted by the APPMA(1) in the United States, revealed that the aquariums substantially improve productivity and the morale of the employees: 100% of the surveyed companies admitted that an aquarium has a relaxing effect, 73% agreed that it increases productivity and 27% reported a decrease in the rate of absenteeism.

Moreover, the aquariums are becoming increasingly common in the waiting rooms of doctors' offices or dental clinics because they help patients reduce their anxiety since they provide something to occupy their minds while they wait.
Studies show that looking at an aquarium lowers blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, and are one of the most well known anti-stress therapies.

According to a study conducted by Purdue University(2), the investigators found that patients in hospital beds were calmer and more balanced in the presence of an aquarium. Alzheimer's patients also showed more concentration and were more relaxed, becoming calmer and more able to perform their daily tasks.

Also, fans of Feng-Shui argue that an aquarium symbolizes growth, energy and activity and that the element of water has a direct association with the circulation of money.

We may soon understand the significance of having an aquarium in our personal and professional lives and the importance of its benefits in different areas such as business, health, education or leisure.

(1) American Pet Products Manufacturers Association
(2) West Laffayette, Indiana, EUA 

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