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Benefits of aquariums
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Centropyge offers comprehensive solutions featuring teams of professionals in architecture, decoration and technical drawing. These teams will follow the implementation of your aquarium, the best integration of the project in the space and the perfect connection with your image.

Centropyge will also select, according to the type of aquarium you choose, the suitable fauna and flora, as well as the appropriate time in which they should be inserted in the aquariums.
In order to assure an exceptional service, we guarantee the equilibrium, the proper maturation and consequent longevity of the ecosystem.

Adapting your wishes, our team is able to present to you the best professional solution to your wishes regardless of the area or size of your company.

SP - Special Project: Aquarium built as a part of the building construction itself..
PA - Personalized Aquarium: Completely removable aquarium, custom built according to customer preferences and specificity of the place.
SA - Standard Aquarium: Pre-produced aquarium chosen from a catalogue.

Centropyge aquariums are manufactured with high quality materials and are available in any shape, size or theme appropriated to the style of your company.

Regardless of the chosen type of aquarium, fish-only, mixed or coral reef, the life support systems are designed to recreate the ocean streams, seasonal variations, the intensity and solar spectrum, or the chemical stability of the water as well as all the conditions which guarantee the consolidation of the habitat.

Centropyge Aquariums are stable ecosystems, full of color and vitality, guaranteed for many years. They enable observing the behavior of the most beautiful and exotic corals, fish and invertebrates, representatives of the fascinating marine world.

A marine aquarium of this kind gives us the opportunity to gather a variety of fantastic colored fish, not only from one environment but of all the oceans.

Observing careful analysis of compatibility, this kind of aquarium can gather in the same space, fish and invertebrates, offering an extraordinary diversity of colors and shapes.

A reef ecosystem enables the creation of a truly genuine environment. It is characterized by a densely populated habitat with a wide range of personalities, where you can observe the harmonious development and reproduction of many life forms, such as: hard and soft corals, sea urchins, sabellas, serpulids, crabs, shrimp, cyclops or starfish. A number of factors contribute to this result such as the near absence of certain species of fish, or the regular addition of phytoplankton / zooplankton, the favorite food of most of these life forms.

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